Principle of Potentisation

Posted by zahir on September 16, 2013

Homeopathic medicines are diluted in alcohol or milk-sugar(lactose) to make them more palatable and also to reduce the harmful effects. It has been found that the more the medicine is diluted, the more effective and powerful it becomes. So, the process of the dilution is called as potentisation and the medicines are referred to as potencies.The crude homeopathic medicine(eg : Cinchona/Lachesis) is triturated in alcohol to yield the mother tincture. The mother tincture is denoted by the symbol ø.
Potency :
potency of the medicine signifies 1 part of mother tincture diluted with 9 parts of alcohol / milk sugar.
2x potency is 1x of medicine diluted with 9 parts of sugar milk / alcohol.
1C potency is mother tincture diluted with 99 parts.
1M potency is mother tincture diluted with 999 parts.
Low potency    :    1x, 3x , 6x (3c), 12x (6c)
Medium potency : 12x, 30x, 30c
High potency : 200c, 1M, 20 M , CM, LM, etc.