Simplex Similimum Minimum

Posted by zahir on September 16, 2013

This principle consists of three words.

The first is Simplex i.e : simple medicines not compound should be prescribed. This is the doctrine of single remedy. Mixture of medicines or polypharmacy is not allowed. Only one medicine must be given at a time.
Similimum - As discussed previously the totality of symptoms of the patient must be taken. This will yield a picture which corresponds to one medicine, the similimum, which must be given. That medicine which has been tested on various provers and has produced similar symptoms as that of the patient is the similar remedy.
Minimum - A low dosage of medicine is recommended. In homeopathy less is more, so medicines of low potency and given at long intervals have a better impact. Hahnemann, in fact used to give just one dose of the medicine and wait to see the reaction over a period of time.